Jumping For the Sky

My bonus daughter, Carlie (she’s 10), suggested I publish a post based on our “trip” to SkyZone.  Here it is.

We decided to check out Sky Zone one week night before dinner.  Carlie, Rylan (who’s soon turning 13), Rylan’s friend and myself went. If you don’t know about SkyZone, it’s a franchised, indoor trampoline park.  Our town recently had one open, and while we’d been there before, tonight was the night I was going to get to jump too!

Upon arriving, you must sign a waiver that basically says if you get hurt, you can’t sue them. You then are assigned a jump group based on how long you are jumping and what time you plan to start.  (Thank goodness, we only went for an hour.) You are also issued these stylish SkySocks to wear while you are jumping. They are orange and have rubber grips on the bottoms so you don’t slip off certain pieces of equipment.

SkyZone has lots of options to try, most of which involve a trampoline.  There’s the Freestyle Jump Zone which is a large room of wall-to-wall trampolines. You can jump pretty much however you want, even into the walls, as long as you aren’t doing multiple flips. This was where I spent most of my time–it was pretty easy to just jump up and down.


You can opt to play Ultimate Dodgeball (I did not) on the trampoline dodgeball court or you can Skyslam, which allows you to attempt dunking into a basketball hoop from a trampoline. The hoops are different heights, so all jumpers have a chance to make a dunk–even me–on the short hoop.

We all had fun with SkyJoust. Up to 4 can joust at a time, using cushy jousts while each contestant stands on a bosu ball on top of a pedestal. It’s hard enough to keep your balance while up there, but then the goal is to knock your opponents off their pedestal. Hard work! IMG_1620The Skyladder was pretty hard too, and I’ve determined it’s impossible for anyone to get to the top of it. Especially since no one can seem to get past the first rung…IMG_1606My favorite was the Warrior Course, which allowed you to go through a series of obstacles to test your speed, strength, and agility. You could race the person on the course next to you or simply go for your own personal best. I was doing pretty well on one of them, before my arms decided enough was enough. It was a great challenge requiring a lot of upper body strength. But we had a great time on the obstacle course.

All in all, it was a really fun evening. It was a great family activity that could be done in a small window of time (I don’t recommend anyone my age going for more than 1 hour unless you are looking for a MAJOR workout) while getting some exercise as well.


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