Dominican Republic–Girls Trip

Once upon a time there were three angels…(Charlie’s Angels reference)

Oops, wrong story. Once upon a time there were three girls who took a trip to Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. They stayed at the Grand Palladium Resort, which is one of my favorites.IMG_1554They made the most out of the sun, sand, pool, beach and cocktails. IMG_1557The weather was perfect and they were able to go on some excursions and take in some sights. One morning, there was a jeep trip up into the mountains where they got to see and taste raw cocoa growing on a farm. Who knew chocolate would end up tasting so different from the actual cocoa it’s grown from?

They also went horseback riding and ziplined through the jungle. On their ride back down the mountain, they encountered this entertaining gentleman. They tipped him for his antics–he did a dance too–and returned to the resort.IMG_1565A couple of days later was scuba diving day.

There was a Dolin Dive Center on resort and Marcos was a great dive master. He took them through a shipwreck where they not only got to see some beautiful sealife, but they also were able to practice their skills. They also had the pleasure of diving with Inez from Uruguay.

The Palladium had a lot of activities to keep them busy. The food was good, the entertainment crew kept them involved in the fun games, and the pool and the beach were gorgeous.There was even a dance clinic happening at the resort with hundreds of dancers from around the world visiting that week so evenings in the disco were filled with incredible talent. At the end of the day, the girls had a relaxing, fun time.

The girls couldn’t wait to start planning their next trip. It sounded like they would be meeting again in Mexico next!


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