Black Friday Shopping Jamaican Style

Where did we not shop? We hit a number of big box stores like Sam’s Club, Walmart, Menard’s, Target, Walmart, Target, Menard’s, Sam’s, you get it. We also hit other stores like Bath & Bodyworks, Perfumania, American Eagle, Old Navy, Aeropostale, Pier 1 and Clark’s.

Paul got some real bargains, especially at Clark’s. He found a pair of boots (that he knew from experience would last him at least a few years) for half price. At Target, he got to stock up on soap, body wash, shampoo, conditioner, and a few other toiletries and Walmart had a good bargain on underwear and tank tops.

Beyond that, he was able to gather up some other items. Christmas gifts for his girls and a few gifts for his co-workers were mostly found at Perfumania, where he was able to find some real deals between clearance items and a half price sale. (Their deals were so good I even picked up a couple of gifts there.) This one smelled really good and would be a great stocking stuffer for a young lady:

After that, I’m not sure the bargains were so hot. Old Navy had everything 50% off, but half off didn’t include clearance items, and by the time we made our purchases there, I felt like I spent about the same amounts as usual. Pier 1 was the same, and if they would have counted the red vases in the 50% off sale, I would have walked out with them both!

Flame Art Glass Pedestal BowlWhat amazed me about shopping with Paul is that for everything he put into the shopping cart, he kept a mental tally of what his total should be. (Minus the tax which varied depending on where we shopped.) Not once, but twice he caught the store clerks incorrectly charging him! How many times have you just paid the total without thinking twice? I know I do it frequently, and now I wonder how often I have overpaid while shopping.

It was no big deal when he called out the clerk at Bath & Body Works. She quickly realized what had happened and corrected the mistake. However, Old Navy was not nearly as accommodating. That clerk insisted her computer was accurate, but when Paul requested she re-ring his items, he was right, she had over-charged him by quite a bit! Makes you wonder how often that happens, Black Friday or not. Be careful in your shopping.


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