Holiday Gifts For Your Traveling Friends

I used to just want a comfy outfit to wear on a plane and some Hollywood gossip magazines to read in flight. As I’ve grown up and traveled more, I’ve developed a list of items that the traveler on your list would LOVE to have!

1. Travel Passport Holder holds your passport, boarding passes, a couple of credit/debit cards and comes in different colors.  I like this one in teal.

2. An Electronics Organizer to hold your chargers, ear buds, etc. without letting them get tangled up in your bag.

3. A Filtering Water Bottle that you can fill at the airport after going through security or for use in a country where the water may be questionable.

4.  A Travel Blanket because it seems like every flight I’m ever on is cold!

5.  A good, washable Travel Pillow that can be attached to your luggage.

6.  A travel Eye Mask for when you are stuck on long flights during daylight and you’ve already been awake too many hours.  These have ear plugs as well.

7.  A set of personalized Luggage Tags the more unique they look, the easier your traveler will be able to spot their luggage from a distance.

8.  A hand-held Luggage Scale, so your traveler doesn’t pack their bags too heavy that they get charged for over weight luggage.

9.  My new latest favorites SOLID Travel Cologne or Perfume–no leaks or spills!

10. And for those on your list who are beach bound, you can never go wrong with a Bikini Bag so they can stay on the beach or in the pool right up until their flight time.

So, with holiday time right around the corner this is a list of my favorites. Everything listed above is an affiliate link, so if you click on or buy an item, I might make a buck.


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