Frontier Air

They call themselves an American “ultra low cost carrier”. They fly to 54 domestic destinations and 5 international spots. 
They used to fly to more locations and they were the contracted charter flight provider for more international flights a couple of years ago. However, they’ve undergone this transition in order to pass along low fares to us. Some of their changes are good, but some of their changes probably haven’t been well received.

We recently flew Frontier to Mexico for a little autumn R and R. The first thing I noticed while walking down the aisle during boarding was how sleek and modern the seats looks. They weren’t the bigger, cushier chairs that other airlines still provide. They actually reminded me of really nice, upgraded, leather, patio chairs. Apparently, the chairs have a 17 inch pitch, which while I don’t know what that means, I DO know they don’t recline. They are considered to be pre-reclined, but didn’t really feel that way to me. It made for a very upright flight.

Additionally, you get a tray table that is about half the size of other airlines. The good thing is they just fold up, and you don’t have to latch them. But that doesn’t change the fact that they are so small. Seriously, maybe 6 inches by 12 inches. It wasn’t even really big enough to comfortably hold my mini-iPad.

The biggest change was the fact that snacks and beverages were available for a charge. That’s fine, if eliminating free snacks and beverages are going to be reflected in my ticket price, awesome! We typically bring along something to snack on anyway. But, I’m sure for those not familiar with that quirk of Frontier, or for those ready to start the vacation party, it would be frustrating. Especially, considering the prices. Four adult beverages for $23.97, and no chance of getting a “value” pour. And, your beverage isn’t going to fit on the tray table if you have out your mini iPad.

All in all, Frontier is a good brand. But if you’re looking to fly in comfort and style, you may be disappointed. You know how you really get what you pay for? With Frontier, you only get what you pay for, with no bells or whistles, but they will get you to your destination.


3 thoughts on “Frontier Air

  1. Ugh, try flying WOW. After than experience, I am never flying with a low cost carrier again…. 6 hour flight from Rejkjavic to Boston – not even a drink of water was offered. I asked for a glass so i could take my headache pill, and they offered me to buy a bottle for $3. I was so pissed.


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