Les Bourgeois Goodbye

I lost one of my best friends recently. Well, I didn’t lose her lose her, but she moved away. We had a wonderful parting evening at Les Bourgeois Vineyards in Rocheport, Mo.

Jim and Krissi move into our cul-de-sac a couple of years ago. It started off kind of rough, their kids and our kids kept playing together. But we didn’t know them that well, so we didn’t let the kids play inside the house unless they asked their parents first. We didn’t want them to think we were kidnappers or anything. Although there is a website to check that out.

As time went on, we got to know Jim and Krissi better. I think the point of no return was the Halloween party we all had in the cul-de-sac. Jim had made a huge batch of jambalaya, hubby was in full costume (he was a hideous clown before clowns got such a bad rap) carrying around his chainless, albeit noisy chainsaw. Other neighbors brought over jack-o-lanterns spewing dip, jello shots and homemade grilled chicken wings. Let’s just say, I think the grown ups had the best time that night! Even the mailman found a leftover bowl of jambalaya in our mailbox two days later (we did not put it there) .

Shortly after that, I had a new found bestie in Krissi. We excercised together, went shopping, visited some local eateries and festivals. We had some fun evenings dining out with the families and even more dining in or just hanging out celebrating birthdays or venting about daily life nuisances.

It was awesome knowing I had someone to pal around with and confide in just across the cul-de-sac. But alas, the day came when Jim got a job transfer and they were relocating to another state. It seemed like just as quick as they moved here, they were moving away! To celebrate their life change and move forward, Krissi and I took a short road trip to Rocheport, Mo.

Rocheport is a sleepy little river town about 20 minutes from here. It isn’t very big, but they have a wonderful little gem in the winery there, Les Bourgeois Vineyards. Krissi had been wanting to go there and this was potentially our last chance to go before she left.

If you ever get the chance, check the place out! We started off at the A-frame, which is located up on a bluff top, amidst the growing grapes, overlooking the Missouri River. Who says you need to be on the beach to catch a good sunset?  We got a great one!

After it got dark, we headed over to the Bistro, which is their restaurant located on the next bluff over.

Their food was incredible! We shared a Hummus plate as an appetizer and then for the entrees, Krissi had Cajun Chicken Pasta and I had Seafood Bianco. Obviously, we had to have some of their wines, but I won’t go into detail on how much…

What a wonderful evening. We both resolved NOT to cry, and we dreaded the impending moving day. But we didn’t cry! We had a very fun, memorable evening at a place we are lucky to have so near! And we created a memory we will both cherish forever. Krissi probably won’t even read this post. She’s so busy setting up house in her new town, she won’t get a chance to read my posts for at least a month. Maybe we’ll have some new neighbors who by then.  And maybe they’ll read my posts. Ah, no one will be able to replace my friend Krissi! I miss you guys!


4 thoughts on “Les Bourgeois Goodbye

    1. Absolutely!! I am the infamous Krissi, we shall enjoy many more days like this one in our lives. They just wont be as frequent as they once were.


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