Seattle, WA / Great Eats / Good Drinks

This is my own review of restaurants we stopped in at while visiting Seattle. I’ve listed them in order from favorite at the top–but I can’t even say down to least favorite.  There really was no “least favorite”–everything was incredible! The opinions expressed here are in no way based on any iota of scientific data, they are purely my own opinions. They may also be slightly foggy depending on how many adult beverages I had had prior to each stop.

Casual Dining

Fisherman’s Restaurant:

  • we went here for lunch
  • incredible Clam Chowder and Prawn Cocktail
  • amazing atmosphere under the Great Wheel

El Borracho:

  • Mexican taqueria we went to for lunch
  • UNBELIEVEABLE Nachos–they were a work of art


Palace Kitchen:

  • we went here twice with the intentions of eating, but never actually ate
  • I discovered Montucky Cold Snacks here thanks to our server
  • this opinion is based mostly on the fact that they put baskets of pistachios on the table instead of peanuts and that our server gave us a huge bag to take with us

Fine Dining

Aqua by El Gaucho:

  • we went here for dinner
  • beautiful atmosphere out on the deck overlooking the waterfront
  • another photo worthy meal and my absolute favorite
  • Sea Scallops AND dessert of traditional Crème Brulee

Cutter’s Crabhouse:

  • we went here for Linner (late lunch/early dinner)
  • had a seafood laden salad that was awesome
  • can’t wait to go back here again and REALLY throw down



  • this was the restaurant at our hotel, The Warwick
  • we actually ate breakfast and dinner here and checked out Happy Hour
  • I had a delish Northwest Salmon dish that just makes me think Seattle

The Brooklyn:

  • we stopped in for Happy Hour
  • $2 Oysters! Fresh, caught out of the ocean just a few blocks away
  • would have liked to stay for dinner


Suite 410:

  • stopped in for a cocktail
  • the décor was very classy

TapHouse Grill:

  • wasn’t really interested in their grill menu
  • FINALLY found a Bud Light here

Margaux Lounge:

  • they had a delish lounge/tapas menu
  • 3 tapas for the price of 2 during Happy Hour

Assaggio Ristorante:

  • stopped in here late evening to check out their menu and have a Bailey’s and decaf
  • met our friend Angie (the bartender here) and another lady who accompanied us back over to the Palace Kitchen to close out the night


If you check out any places on this list, send me pics and your opinions. I’m also taking suggestions for our next trip.


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