Independence Day at Lake of the Ozarks–Part 2

We are all set!  Yes, we are headed to the Lake of the Ozarks for the 4th of July!  After receiving an email from Home Away, that there was no response from the homeowner so after our 24-hour wait our reservation was being released, we were heartbroken.  Resolved to cram into any hotel we could still find available, we made one more attempt at a condo, but we were no longer optimistic.  Minutes after I submitted our request, I get a text from a number I didn’t recognize saying “Hi Tracey, I am following up with you regarding rental of our Land’s End condo.  I am worried that my emails through VRBO may not be getting through.”  Can this be true?

I asked if the condo was still available, and it was!  Wendy at Atlas Enterprises (who owns the condo) said yes, we could still rent it and even let us have an additional day for 1/2 price.  We can also use the pool a couple of hours before the condo will actually be ready.  I don’t think Wendy truly knows how much she made our day!

Now back to packing.  Things to take to a rental condo:

  • beach towels–not all condos provide them
  • groceries–since we’ll have a full kitchen, we plan to eat in more than out
  • a couple of coolers–one for transporting the food items that will need to be kept cold on the way there, and one for adult beverages in case we go coving
  • inflatable mattress in case anyone sharing a room decides they can no longer share a room
  • pool/lake floaties
  • basketball in case there’s a court
  • sunblock

And that’s really it.  Everything else we’ll need should already be there.  We’ve already gotten a round-p of friends that will be down there at the same time, so we can hopefully hang out a bit together.  And, by the way, we still have 2-3 extra pillows in case anyone else wants to come along (you will not get your own room, but you WILL get your own pillow.)  Happy 4th of July Everybody!




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