What’s My Function and What are My Goals?

I’ve been given a new assignment in my blogging class, which is to publish my 3 goals for my blog.  I’ve interspersed them into this previously published earlier post because I felt they went together and would be more interesting than just a bullet point list.  I hope you don’t mind some regurgitation of previous material and have patience while I ramp things up.

I’m so excited!  I just got my first follower, my first REAL follower who is NOT myself nor my husband!  It means so much to me, THANKS MELANIE!  It means that maybe I am getting somewhere here.  Goal #1–I’d really like to increase my followers by 20% in the next 3 months.  I really appreciate your readership.  Just go to the menu button, enter your email address, and click follow.

Which, by the way, I have been asked, “just what exactly are you trying to accomplish?”  I guess, in retrospect, I’m not really trying to “accomplish” anything substantial.  Since researching, planning, traveling, exploring, and networking are such hobbies of mine, I guess I’m really just trying to share the knowledge.  Knowledge of what I’ve researched, what plans I’ve put in place, what places I’ve enjoyed going, maybe where I haven’t enjoyed going, the activities I’ve had the opportunities to experience, and most of all, the people I’ve met.  Goal number 2–sharing my knowledge.  I’ll share where I’ve been, but if you want to see something specific, drop me a line.  I’ll post something if I’ve been there, or maybe even add it to my to-go-to list.

You know how sometimes a certain song will bring a specific moment back up in your memory?  I have the same thing happen with certain places and people.  My first Jamaica trip to the Grand Palladium with Tracey was where I met Jeff and Terri and Sylvia and Paul.  And Sean. Jeff and Terri were there on their honeymoon, Sylvia and Paul were from Canada, and Sean was a Canadian as well but much more “party animal” than we were (congrats on your recent marriage).  I won’t bore you with all the details I can remember about and lessons I learned from these folks, but they will always be associated in memories of that first Jamaica trip.  And it would be uncouth for me to mention their last names.  I believe they know who they are and I hope share some of the same “FLAVA-FLAVE” memories.  Goal #3–keep it somewhat professional–but somewhat personal as well.  If I’ve dropped a name and you think it might be yours, ask!  I’ll let you know.

GP Jamaica

So, I suppose if you like gleaning any of the knowledge I have to share give me a like on Facebook.  Follow my blog for updates as they are published.  Share it if you think others might need an interesting read.  Let me know if you even think it’s an interesting read, or ask questions or suggest topics you’d like to hear from me about.  I love sorting through the comments!

Finally, many thanks again to my first follower–you made my day–and the new followers who have come along recently!  Also thank you to those of you who have shared your encouraging words.  I sure appreciate it and I hope you enjoy the ride!


Tracey Lynn Clark (TLC)


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